The Burma Road Practice is now closed
and is not reopening after lockdown.

Most of the therapists who used to work here are still in practice, working online, by phone  or face to face in alternative venues. If you are seeking help, go to Our Therapists and contact any one of them directly.

BRP was opened in 1991 by Gina Barker, herself a practising psychoanalytic psychotherapist. She was known affectionately to the many practitioners who worked at BRP over the years as the PM (practice manager) and she did an amazing job in running a successful therapy practice. She believed that people were entitled to a beautiful, calm and safe environment when they came to see their therapist.  The chairs and sofas were comfortable, the walls hung with paintings and fresh flowers placed in the rooms every week. It was not unusual for a visitor to comment that it felt like coming into a home rather than a clinic.

She pioneered the use of the assessment interview, so that a person new to counselling or psychotherapy could meet a therapist for an initial in depth talk about their problems and what they wanted, in order to be placed with the practitioner who could best meet their needs.

She was a firm believer that all psychotherapeutic approaches had something to offer and the mix of practitioners who worked at BRP reflected this. Some were from a psychoanalytic background, others humanistic, others transpersonal. Some offered CBT, or EMDR, or bodywork. Some specialised in trauma, or mental health, or addictions. Spanish, Italian and French were among the languages spoken. As well as representing a variety of therapeutic approaches, the people who worked at BRP came from many nations, with a wide range of life experience, all of which fostered a culture of support, sharing, and openness to the rich diversity of psychotherapeutic work.

Having dedicated over 30 years of her life to running BRP, Gina is now going to have a well deserved rest. Many of those  who came to the practice, whether looking for help or offering it, will remember her and the service she provided  with affection and gratitude.