Egle Vera Reeves

UKCP Integrative Psychotherapist

Clinical Psychologist/Psychoanalysis (Argentina)


I have been at The Burma Road Practice since 2004, working weekly or two-weekly mainly with adults but sometimes also with young people. I currently work here on Wednesday evenings and Tuesday mornings. I also work from my practice in Walthamstow, E17.


I work with people of all ages, backgrounds and presenting issues -in an exploratory, non-stigmatizing and collaborative way. My psychoanalytic and integrative practice is influenced mainly but not exclusively by the teachings of Freud, Lacan, Winnicott, Guattari, by different contemporary child development researchers, and other Argentinean critical clinicians like Rodulfo. I do not follow predetermined ‘ways’ in response to specific ‘symptoms’. Each process of psychotherapy will entail a unique endeavour.


I work with people who may want to start therapy due to

– psychological pain or unease,

– unexplained symptoms, 




–that may be experiencing new or recurrent relationship difficulties,

–parenting issues,


–major life changes,

– a life crisis. 


Some people may want to make sense of their life better or come to terms with long standing issues like trauma or abuse. 


I also work with parents and babies, as sometimes difficult challenges present early in this new and crucial relationship.

I am passionate about early years and preventative, universal community work. I have worked with children with severe disabilities and their families, with community groups in deprived communities, in schools, and in a psychiatric hospital running a psychotherapeutic group whilst living in Argentina. In London, I have worked in multidisciplinary teams supporting asylum seeking and homeless families with young children, with a local authority offering emotional and practical support for families and running different parenting programmes including a weekly group for new parents and their babies for almost a decade.



You can telephone me or email me for further information:


Tel: 077 8681 5519


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