Low Cost Counselling

The Burma Road Practice now works in conjunction with the Yellow Heart Trust (YHT),
which is a charity that provides grants for people with limited financial resources.

Online Assessment

Who is eligible?

1. People who have experienced single incident trauma (for example a road traffic accident or an assault)


2. People with issues relating to addiction.

How does it work?

The Yellow Heart Trust pays a bursary directly to the therapist for a limited short term work, usually 10 sessions. You are also required to make a modest contribution to each session.
The therapist reports back to the
Trust as your treatment proceeds.

How do you apply?

If you you are eligible, contact us
for a preliminary assessment and mention Yellow Heart Trust in your message


After the assessment, and if you are suitable for a grant, you will be asked
to fill in an application form which is then forwarded to the Yellow Heart Trust for approval.


For more details visit the Yellow Heart Trust website.