Su Fox

I offer short term therapy, 6-12 sessions.


You’re struggling with a dilemma and want to talk to someone outside of family and friends.


You’ve identified a core belief you have about yourself or the world and recognise that it’s preventing you engaging fully with your life.


You’ve been effected by an assault, a road traffic accident or another kind of trauma.

Someone close has died and you just want a space to talk and grieve.


You’ve lost your spiritual direction.


Whatever your reason for reaching out for help and support, I will tailor my approach to meet you as an individual and your particular needs. I do not practice only one particular kind of therapy, but draw from a very broad based background to find a way of working that suits you.


I have many years experience in psychotherapy and body work, particularly trauma. I use EMDR and EFT(tapping) in my work and am a registered Spiritual Companion with the Foundation for Holistic Spirituality. 

Sessions cost £70. Low cost sessions are available through The Yellow Heart Trust. I am also registered with Aviva.


I am available at the Burma  Road Practice on Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday daytimes.

UKCP reg,  MTI reg, CSTA reg.


Tel: 02072758002





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