Chuey Y Loh

Therapy is a way of exploring the possibilities that we can heal from wounds of the past. It can also help to understand and clarify our experiences of relationships to ourselves and others. Sometimes issues arising from these relationships cause feelings of unsatisfactoriness and even despair if the potential to change is obscured. We cannot change the past but we can alter our experience of the past. Through giving close attention to experiences in the present, we can relate to past conditioning and our inherent sense of embodied intentionality.

From my years of clinical experience on the NHS and in private practice, I have gained a sound base of being able to work with patients who present with a complexity of conditions including anxiety, depression, addiction, relationship difficulties, PTSD and personality disorders.

As a UKCP registered Psychotherapist and Supervisor, I bring together an integrated approach that focuses on developing awareness of the mind-body continuum in how we make sense of our experiences. Mindfulness is part of this integration as the practices enable an embodied knowing of the nature of self in relationship. Studies in affective neuroscience have shown that paying attention to the body of emotion and affect can help re-shape the the mind's take on our experiences from the past, present and future. Mindfulness is about the autonomy to reset our intentions to address present moment experiences and recollections.

I trained with the Karuna Institute in Devon where the practice of psychotherapy is informed by Buddhist psychology. I was also a tutor in the MA programme at the Karuna Institute from 2008 to 2012.

I am currently writing-up my doctorate on the experience of therapeutic change with the aid of mindfulness at the University of Exeter.

Presently, I work online and in person at my practice in Golders Green. Regretfully I am not able to work in person in Stoke Newington at the moment. I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to Burma Road Practice for the years that it has provided warmth, care and regard to both therapists and clients alike.

Chuey Y Loh