John Slade

I am a skilled and experienced psychotherapist. I work predominantly with individuals. My style is optimistic, pragmatic, sympathetic and interactive, focused towards positive change. I usually meet people weekly and I work in the long and the short term.

I offer psychotherapy and counselling for anxiety and depression, low self-esteem and confidence, assertiveness, stress, trauma, panic, anger management, work related issues, relationship issues and more.

I believe healthy change and development, which is the goal of psychotherapy, comes through positive relationships in our external and internal lives. We are conscious of ourselves through our relationship with ourselves, and this relationship is created, maintained and redefined by our relationship to the world and to significant others in our lives. This is predominantly what we consider in psychotherapy. Using the therapeutic relationship we can improve our ability to recognise our thoughts and feelings and to think about the decisions we make. The therapist can help us grow psychologically through accepting and connecting aspects of ourselves so we feel more complete and confident about how to be in relation to the world.

In my development as a practitioner I have integrated and drawn influence from a number of principal theories and practices, notably psychoanalysis and psychodynamics, attachment theory, cognitive behavioural therapy, solution-focused brief therapy and person-centred counselling.

I now work fully in private practice, in the past I have also worked within the NHS and the voluntary sector, as a psychotherapist and a supervisor. I have been registered with the UKCP since 1993, as an integrative psychotherapist.

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John Slade